Snow and Ice Management

Servicing the NJ and NY Westchester areas, our team has the knowledge and resources to handle all your winter service needs.

North East provides worry-free safe responsive reliable quality corporate, commercial and industrial snow/ice removal in accordance with the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for snow and ice management.

With over 25 years of experience in the snow/ice industry, North East mitigates risk on our client’s properties through operating within new industry ASCA compliance standards.

We are ASCA Certified and understand our client’s needs for safety during a snow event. As a business owner, property manager you rely on your snow contractor to adequately protect you during snow/ice events. NE has the certified training, experience and expertise to insure that your facilities have safe access throughout the wintertime.

New industry compliance = New Approach
At NorthEast we understand them and comply to them.

The snow insurance marketplace in NJ and NY have tightened for the first time insurance companies are breaking out the losses from the general liability policies. Many contractors do not have the necessary insurances and training. They are being dropped and that leaves you exposed. We have the necessary insurance specific to the new standards established by the ASCA.


  • Pre-season site client planning meeting/ inspections
  • Pre/post storm monitoring: 24/7
  • Parking lot curb to curb plowing during and after the storm
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Deicing of roads, parking lots and walkways
  • Ice watch services
  • In event service documentation
  • Tailored made snow removal plans

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